Kharkiv Tomiki Aikido Federation

The official branch of the Japan Aikido Association (JAAS) from May 22, 2000
The first and still the only one branch of competitive aikido in Ukraine

Our Practice

Classes for Adults and Children

Children of junior and secondary school ages are offered a specially developed program.

Our trainings help a child to grow healthy and well rounded. The program was created based on the physiology and psychology of primary school age children and has incorporated the newest game-style activities developing hidden abilities of the child, visual thinking, attention, memory, intelligence, endurance, intuition, sensitivity, and mental strength.

The Federation organises martial arts camps for children.

Sport’s Growth and Workshops

Our Federation forms groups to learn martial arts in Japan. With the best of Japanese masters.

We also do summer trips and workshops teaching:
– Chinese healing practice of Qigong;
– trance techniques (self-regulation, the rate);
– meditation;
– Aikido philosophy;


Tomiki Aikido – is a sports style of Aikidao which includes competitions in kata and sparring.

The competitive aspect creates the motivation to practice more intensively.

Sparring allows you to test your knowledge and skills in practice. As a result of a fight – no matter if it is victory or defeat students gain invaluable experience which points out their strengths and weaknesses, as well as shows the right direction for improved spiritual and physical self-awareness and perfection.

We practice international competitions in all categories.

Practice with Weaponry

Training with arms contributes to a greater awareness of techniques and movements in Aikido

We practice with the weapons:
– Tanto (knife);
– Boken (sword);
– Jo (stick);

The Founder of the Style

Kenji Tomiki

Tomiki Aikido – is a style which involves competitions.

The doctrine was based on the samurai ethics and the techniques of traditional Japanese martial arts. As a result, Kenji Tomiki combined the basic elements of Aikido with techniques drawn from his experience in the classical Budo and real fights. He created the modern method of Tanto Randori-ho – practice for unarmed against an opponent armed with a knife (sparring). At present these Randori methods are applied in Tomiki Aikido clubs worldwide.

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Chief Technical Officer of the Federation

Tadayuki Satoh Sensei

7th Dan Tomiki Aikido

He was born in Hamamatsu (Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan) 7th May 1957. Shihan of the Japanese Aikido Association, and a graduate of the Faculty of Education at Waseda University. At the age of 17 Sato began practicing aikido with Kenji Tomiki Shihan. As a member of Aikido club in Waseda University he was trained under supervision of Kenji Tomiki and Oba Hideo shihans. Currently, he teaches Aikido and the theory of Jiu-Jitsu technique at Waseda University as well as the art of arrest at Police University.

Founders of the Federation

Shapovalov Oleg

4th Dan Tomiki Aikido

Shapovalova Ella

2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido

Our Coaches

Ibulayev Volodymyr

2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido

Karasyk Daryna

2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido

Shapovalov Ievgen

2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido

Dmytrenko Serhii

2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido

Kolendovska Marina

2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido

Dojo (Japanese: 道場 “Place of the way”)

Dojo – is a place where we discipline and perfect ourselves to become better. Here one is required to comply with all the rules of conduct in the dojo, so that the training process can take place with maximum productivity.

Our gym has a convenient location. It is situated between subway stations: “Sportivnaya” and “Gagarin Avenue.”